At the recent Rotary District 5190 Rotary conference, the Rotary Club of Winnemucca was awarded the district "Literacy Project of the Year" for medium sized clubs in the 54 club district which spans northern Nevada and northern California.

The Rotary Club of Winnemucca donated two hundred and eighty Literacy Kits for each child who participated in the annual Humboldt County School District Kindergarten registration held in April.  Each incoming student received a pencil, paper, an eraser, a pencil sharpener, chalk and a chalkboard, scissors, glue, crayons, an alphabet sheet, play dough, a public library card application, Unifix cubes for counting, nursery rhyme coloring books, a book to read, and a bag to keep all of their things in. 

Teachers or administrators at each school explained to parents how to help their child hold a pencil, how to print their name, how to use the alphabet sheets, how to count with their children, and how important it is to read to their children.  Using scissors and colors improves fine motor skills and eye hand coordination which is important for children who are learning to read and write when they reach school age.  Reading to children and learning nursery rhymes helps children learn the cadence of reading and also teaches them some of the most used words in our language.

The Rotary Club of Winnemucca is committed to making a difference for children in our community and wants parents and grandparents to know that it is never too early to read to a child.  The larger a child’s vocabulary is when they begin school the better student they usually become.